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Why Ventilate?

We eat. We sleep. We work And all while doing this... we breathe, more than 25,000 a day.

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Did you know levels of air pollutants indoors can be up to 100 times higher than outdoors?

Nowadays we spend nearly 90% of our time indoors which means we are subject to breathing in all kinds of harmful substances like

Mould, Dust, Mites, Increased levels of C02 and Increased levels of Humidity.


Benefits of HRV


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Fresh Clean Air

A Vector HRV System will let oxygen-rich air in and removes harmful substances and unpleasant smells. This has a favourable effect on allergies and prevents irritation of the respiratory organs.

It generates the perfect amount of fresh air for all people in your home or building, not too much and not too little. Too little fresh air can be a perfect breeding ground for mould, dampness and pollutants. Too much fresh air can dry out indoor air, making it uncomfortable and aggravating respiratory problems.

Reduce Moisture and Co2

Removing excess moisture from a space is critical for a healthy indoor environment. Excess moisture leads to high humidity, condensation, dampness and mould conditions that lead to respiratory issues, including asthma.

High levels of CO2 can actually affect your mental performance while increasing your energy bills. Headaches, fatigue, lapses in concentration and even Sick Building Syndrome can all be caused by exposure to high levels of CO2.

The list of symptoms is quite extensive but can include fatigue, headaches, difficulty breathing, allergies and skin rashes. While it is difficult to diagnose the exact cause of SBS, indoor air pollution remains the frontrunner. Effective whole-house or building ventilation like a Vector HRV System is the leading remedy for SBS.

Studies reveal that by reducing CO2 levels in your living and working spaces you can increase cognitive functions, improve sleep quality.


One of those things that we all notice at times but don’t actually realise can lead to a build up of unwanted, unnecessary moisture which is a scary breeding ground for toxic mould. Attempting to control and remove those little water droplets (condensation) on surfaces, windows and glass using natural ventilation like opening a window is ineffective. Mechanical HRV however is the leading solution to preventing and eliminating this type of harmful mould-causing internal moisture.

Dust Mites

Tiny 8-legged creatures who thrive off taking refuge and breeding in our carpets and bedding. The thought of these guys sleeping with us in our beds is disturbing enough, however dust mites also aggravate systems of asthma and allergy sufferers. They require two things to survive and breed – microscopic scales of skin shed by humans and pets and a continuous supply of moisture-rich, humid air. While your home will never be completely free from the dust mites, reducing the population can only be achieved through reducing humidity by providing effective ventilation.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

It is crazy to learn that up to 300 chemicals can be found in indoor air. VOCs are airborne contaminants found within household cleaning products, in aerosols, in new furniture and finishing’s and within the fabric of the building such as treatments, solvents and adhesives. They cause a myriad of systems including tiredness, headaches, allergic reactions and respiratory issues.


Microscopic mould spores easily become airborne and are then inhaled by us. They are linked to triggering asthma, allergies and hay fever. There are three ingredients to spark a mould outbreak – water, a fungal spore and organic material such as carpet, wallpaper, wood. The main source of water to encourage mould comes from the air, so again eliminating mould colonies requires reducing indoor humidity.


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Unpleasant Elements

An HRV unit is the lungs of your home or building generating a constant flow of fresh air at a desirable temperature for premium comfort. The HRV system also removes stale air and odours from the space including cooking smells, volatile organic compounds (toxic chemicals and smells that come from furniture, paints, etc) and fittings off-gassing (that ‘new carpet’ type of smell).

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Feel Good

Did you know that we experience increased levels of serotonin – that wonderful feel-good chemical in our bodies – when we breathe in more oxygen-rich air?

Serotonin is that magical chemical that makes are feel relaxed, at ease and happy. We suffer from drops in serotonin though when we stifle ourselves in stuffy rooms and spaces without a constant flow of healthy air.

Noise Pollution

For ultimate comfort, the system operates silently so there are no noise nuisances. The technology relies solely on fresh air 24/7 meaning no human effort is necessary.

The units require simple, quick installation by one of our experts while rooms are individually and easily controlled by the homeowner.

Cant open your windows because it’s too noisy?

Fresh air will still circulate within your home or building so don’t worry about keeping your windows closed! Not only will you keep the noises out you will also increase security in the home.


Building Better

As more and more builders adopt better building methods such as external building wraps and double glazed windows they are creating a more air tight building.

Although having a more airtight building is great for energy use, it also causes issues in relation to the quality of the indoor air environment, amplifying the issues that we already have – high CO2, mould, condensation, etc

Adding in a HRV system alleviates this issue, as they are designed to be used in airtight homes

On a side note, studies have shown that HRV is beneficial in buildings, no matter how leaky or how airtight they are.

Reduce Heating Needs

In colder climates when we open a window for fresh air, we then have to heat the space. This takes a lot more energy! An HRV system not only reduces your environmental impact but lowers your energy bill. And that saves you money, year after year

The health of the planet we call home is finally beginning to receive the respect and attention it so desperately deserves. The way we build or renovate plays an important part in how we soften our individual footprints on the earth.

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